Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools

The summer is hot and humid in Lexington, and when the temperatures are rising, who wouldn’t want to have the option of cooling down in your own private swimming pool? An inground fiberglass swimming pool from Taylor Made Pools & Spas can afford you that very luxury at a reasonable price and with an unrivaled level of durability.
Why Fiberglass?
While fiberglass pools have about the same initial cost of a concrete swimming pool, it comes with it by far the lowest cost of ownership. Unlike concrete/gunite swimming pools, fiberglass is nonporous, which brings with it two specific benefits: it reduces the needed use of chemicals by about 75%, and it prevents the buildup of algae on the inner surface, reducing cleaning costs. Once a fiberglass swimming pool is installed by Taylor Made Pools & Spas, the only ongoing costs will be for chemicals and electricity. Unfortunately, the cost of this unparalleled durability is the ability to custom design the shape of your swimming pool. Because fiberglass pools are constructed from a mold in a factory, they can only be made in the manufacturer’s predetermined shapes.
Revolutionize your Backyard with a Taylor Made Fiberglass Swimming Pool
Whether you’re looking to relax on your own or host a friendly barbecue, a fiberglass swimming pool from Taylor Made Pools & Spas can be just the thing to take your summer to the next level! With your new fiberglass pool, you’ll enjoy backyard luxury all season long. Whether you want a fiberglass, gunite, or vinyl-lined swimming pool for your Lexington backyard, Taylor Made Pools & Spas inground pool contractors are here to help. Give us a call today for a free design consultation!
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