Inground Pool Openings & Closings

Inground Pool Opening

Getting ready to open your pool? Get the help of the pros!

After your pool has been out of use for winter, there are many things that need to be done to ensure that it is ready to be used again for the spring. The expert technicians at Taylor Made Pools & Spas will assemble all of your equipment, do an extensive water analysis to balance all of your chemicals, and make sure that everything is in optimal working order before you dive in to the swimming season!

Our swimming pool opening service includes:

  • Installation of all deck equipment, including ladder(s), handrails, diving board, light
  • Installation of skimmer baskets and return eyeballs
  • Priming and starting of pool pump
  • Lighting of heater pilot
  • Visual inspection of pump, filter, heater, and salt cell for proper operation.
  • Addition of chlorine tablets, super chlorination (shock), and an algaecide treatment

Inground Pool Closings

Taylor Made Pools & Spas pool closing service has been temporarily suspended for 2021.

As fall and winter approach, it comes time to close your pool in order to avoid the damage that can occur when it is out of use (including water freezing in the pipes and grime build-up). A pool is an expensive investment. If you want to protect it, allow us to prepare your pool for the winter.

Our swimming pool closing service includes:

  • Removal of all deck equipment, such as ladders, handrails, and lights (we do not remove diving boards for liability reasons)
  • Removal of skimmer baskets and return eyeballs
  • Blowout of all pool-related water lines using an air compressor
  • Addition of antifreeze where needed
  • Proper winterizing of pool equipment, including filter, pumps, heater, chlorinator/salt cell, etc.
  • Addition of winter chemicals (non-chlorine shock, winter algaecide, mineral control agent)

To make an appointment with Taylor Made Pools & Spas for your swimming pool closing, call us today!

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